Swami Virajeshwara Saraswathi (Spiritual Guru)

Swami Virajeshwara, a scientist turned Mahayogi spiritual giant, resided as Swami Hamsa in the remote village of Anusoni, Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu. After completing a PhD in Physics in the USA, he renounced his prestigious scientific career in IBM and returned to India driven by a divine calling. Journeying through North India and the Himalayas, he sought a spiritual master, eventually meeting his revered Guru and engaging in intense tapas. His autobiography, "A Scientist's Search for Truth" vividly documents his divine revelations and encounters with Lord Sri Rama, Bhagavan Krishna, and Ma Saraswathi. 

Shri Rama Song by Swami Virajeshwara Saraswathi

Shri Rama Song by H. H. Sri Swami Vidyanandaji Maharaj

Born in Udupi (Karnataka) in 1933, he resided in the USA (1959-1972), the Himalayas (1972-1989), and later Bangalore / Hosur until his demise in 2014.

Scientist’s SEARCH for TRUTH -  Fascinating Autobiography (ENGLISH/KANNADA/TAMIL/TELUGU/ORIYA/HINDI/MARATHI/MALAYALAM) Know Your Reality Part 2 - Q&A
Science of Bhagavad Gita - understand Gita through modern science Scientists search for truth - Japanese Version
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Pandit Gauri Shankar Shastri (Jyotish Guru)

Pandit Gauri Shankar Shastri, an esteemed astrologer, was born in a village near the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh. He pursued his studies in Varanasi and had the opportunity to travel to over 10 countries. Additionally, he authored 10 books and served as the Vice Chancellor of Maharshi Vidyapath. He was born on August 9th, 1936, and sadly passed away in 2021.
Pandit Gauri Shankar Shastri was renowned for his remarkable ability to provide over 1000 accurate predictions in various fields such as Indian affairs, politics, economy, world events, and wars. Furthermore, he examined more than 1 lakh astrology charts throughout his career.
Despite challenging him multiple times based on the fundamental principles of astrology, I discovered that his way of thinking was extraordinary and went beyond the boundaries of traditional astrology. He was considered an atmagyani, capable of making accurate predictions even in cases where the astrological chart seemed to be incorrect.

Pandit Damodar Lal Sharma (Yoga Guru)

Pandit Damodar Lal Sharma, a retired government officer, has dedicated the past 50 years of his life to practicing and teaching yoga. He has generously shared his knowledge by conducting free yoga sessions in various locations, ranging from the Himalayas to multiple cities in India. Born in 1928, he continues to actively practice and teach yoga at the remarkable age of 95.

Throughout his journey, Pandit Damodar Lal Sharma has delved into different forms of yoga, including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, as well as various elements of yoga such as Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (yoga postures), and Dhyaan (meditation).

MySelf  (Anurag Agrawal)

Myself Anurag, hailing from Jaipur, displayed an early knack for prediction after completing my Computer Science engineering degree in 1998, foreseeing the eventual burst of the E-commerce boom in late 2000 and the subsequent recession while working in the software/IT industry in Bangalore.

Fortuitously, this marked the beginning of my Vedic Astrology and spiritual journey, as I had the opportunity to learn from esteemed pandits and astrologers in Jaipur, Kashi, Madhya Pradesh, and even some who had studied in Sringari, Karnataka.

Simultaneously, I embarked on my spiritual path and encountered my Guru Swami Virajeshwara Saraswathi, who was a direct disciple of Swami Sivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh. To ensure the accuracy of my predictions based on the traditional ancient science, I have delved into learning Basic Sanskrit and studying classical texts.

Remaining a humble figure, I have travelled to over 25 countries, keeping a low profile. In addition to Astrology, I possess a keen interest in Ayurveda and I have extensively studied over 5000 herbs, even creating a few products. I also engage in Vastu consultancy during my spare time, assist farmers in India as an organic farming consultant, and find solace in reading books and practicing yoga.

I had the privilege of working for esteemed companies like Credit Suisse, Blackstone, US Bank, Kasikorn Bank, ANZ, Aviva, among others, as a contractor.

My expertise lies in providing guidance and solutions for a range of issues, including marriage, education, childbirth, employment, business, property disputes, foreign travel and settlement, health, love, Election, and various personal problems. By analyzing an individual's birth chart, encompassing their date of birth, time, and place of birth, I can identify problems and offer Vedic solutions to alleviate their intensity.

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